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zeb.transformation study 2021: Achieving entrepreneurial success through performance culture and the ability to change

Do you know how strong the performance and customer orientation as well as the ability to change are in your organization? Many banks and insurance companies have already recognized the importance of these aspects.

For a majority this is where considerable potential lies which can determine their success and future. Against this background, the evaluation of our current transformation study is running.

Ensuring that change reaches people. 

In our VUCA world of constant change and complexity, it all comes down to transformation. Never before has transformation competence been as important as it is today, because change brings uncertainty, and uncertainty generates fear. 

We put people at the center of transformation and, through transparency, communication and participation, create work environments where people can realize their full potential – in the best interest of the organization.

Who we are and how we work:

We put people at the center of transformation. Great concepts alone are not enough for change – transformation has to reach people.

Our solutions are tailor-made and practical. We derive recommendations for action directly from your ambition, situation and the results of the analysis.

We live and breathe edutainment. Our concepts and modes of working are informative, scientifically sound and fun.

For us, an ingenious solution must be simple. Complex solutions that no one understands do not help – our solutions actually reach people. 

Financial services are part of our DNA. We have the subject matter expertise and understand the opportunities and challenges of your industry.

Impulses for change

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