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Interview with Wolfgang Essing, Senior Partner at zeb, who launched zeb.move: what it’s all about, what sets it apart from other transformation programs, and what motivates him personally.

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Cultural, organizational and personnel transformations have long been key components of the zeb service portfolio. Why have they now been taken under the umbrella of zeb.move?

Of course, our clients have been dealing with change processes for a long time, but usually only selectively or reactively. Often, for example, the focus was on just one business area. There was no holistic approach, consequently they were unable to initiate a sustained cultural shift or change of mindset. There are several aspects to a holistic approach. First of all, there is a need for a cultural target vision, i.e. a detailed concept of “what the company should be like”.

From this vision, both a concrete need for change in the organizational structure and desired behaviors in dealing with each other and with customers – which must be learned and trained – can be derived. Ultimately, adjustments to the HR systems are also necessary. This means that a real, measurable transformation process encompasses much more than the current buzzword “agility”. The basic concept of zeb.move combines these different elements and ensures that they are interlinked in projects in order to maximize the chances of transformation success. 

Transformation consulting as such is not a new topic. What differentiates zeb.move from other consultancies or what makes it special?

There are three major aspects that make zeb.move special. First and foremost, it is the people who work in zeb.move. It is very important to us that they not only have a high level of industry expertise, but also come from different backgrounds. In other words: extensive practical experience, a broad range of experience in training and coaching people and, above all, a high level of emotional intelligence.

In addition, zeb is highly accepted in the financial services market and has outstanding expertise in this area. This puts us in an ideal position to combine this background with our transformation expertise. This combination is an asset that represents a clear USP compared to classic consultancies that offer transformation consulting.

And the third – absolutely vital – point: we have a team of more than 70 trainers, coaches and organizational developers offering a wide range of services. Metaphorically speaking, they are able to ideally support everyone on the great transformational voyage – from the captain on the bridge to the stoker in the engine room – in such a way that in the end as many people as possible take joy in this voyage and the ship arrives in port at full steam. 

Our approach not only improves the organizational performance of our clients, but also positively affects their financial performance.

zeb.move aims to put people at the center of transformation. What exactly does this mean?

Every company that launches a transformation project wants to reach a destination. 30 percent of a project’s success depend on the concept and 70 percent on the people who implement the project. This alone shows how important the human factor is. In real life and in projects this is often only partially taken into account or, in the worst case, not at all.

And this is exactly where we come in. In our approach, people are the starting point of any transformation: what worries or fears does the transformation inevitably trigger? What opportunities does the transformation offer the individual? And what do people need to fully play their part in the transformation or to operate successfully in the new world?

What drives you personally to dedicate yourself to this new project?

Firstly, it is the firm conviction that our team has something special to offer to our clients. Secondly, quite selfishly, I personally learn an incredible amount in the process – also in dealing with other people and personality types. Plus, I am motivated by the task of accompanying young people on their journey and supporting them in fully achieving their potential and making the most of themselves.

I used to play center-forward and score the goals. But then I realized that my personal fulfillment is actually much greater when I pass the ball and my young colleagues turn it into a successful finish.


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