Private banks


The market for private banking and wealth management, which has been growing steadily for years, is both attractive and highly competitive. Private banks' profit margins remain at a low level. Changing customer needs, in particular the customer's desire for comprehensive advice and keeping pace with digital services and features, are increasing the pressure to act in this segment.

After all, banks must not only address their mostly older private banking customers, but also keep an eye on the younger generation of heirs. All in all, this shows that customer needs need to be addressed much better in order to increase profitability.



At zeb, we support private banks in meeting precisely these current challenges. Whether it’s understanding customer requirements and addressing them in a targeted manner, taking account of the testing and deployment of digital solutions, or using traditional banking as the basis for a forward-looking platform economy without neglecting the essential role of the relationship manager—together we develop suitable strategies and implement them consistently.

With our international know-how in the private banking and wealth management market, our broad banking expertise and our implementation expertise, we ensure that wealthy individuals continue to see your bank as a valuable companion.

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Together with us, our clients address pressing issues and challenges arising from the industry’s changing dynamics and new regulatory requirements. As “partners for change”, together, we overcome the only constant—change.