Our European Banking Study: In-depth analysis of Europe’s top 50 largest banking groups.

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European Banking Study: Our masterpiece for Top 50 European Banks. 

When we re-launched our European Banking Study in 2013, we didn’t really know what to expect as outcome ourselves. But we felt – due to our deep understanding of the financial service industry in Europe as well as our close proximity to our clients – the need for a profound and comprehensive analysies of the  state of the major European banks.

Ever since, we have combined market expertise and exhaustive data analyses, building up a unique simulation model and have shed light in recent challenges. We actually calculate the impact of regulatory actions and low yields to the banks balance sheets. Over the years, our European Banking study has become the industry’s leading research for understanding issues impacting the Top 50 European Banks. 

The study profiles and ranks every top 50 European bank, based on analysis of capitalisation, total assets and return on equity. Industry executives will also gain insights to address consolidation, regain market share and improve profits by focusing on areas like sustainability, digital transformation, customer relationships, product specialisation, disintermediation and ways to simplify and standardise for greater operational profit improvements. 

In addition, we provide special editions of the EBS on current topics.