Benefits and opportunities of organizational transformation

“The biggest challenge in digital transformation for financial services providers: making sure they are essential and continuously adaptable.”

Our approach for your organizational development

How we see things

Speed and complexity are high in the digitalized economy, and time is short. (Re)acting quickly and flexibly is essential to keep up with changing customer requirements and profit from them. 

Customer demands are changing rapidly. Consumers are long accustomed to having access to a growing range of services from anywhere and at any time. Tech giants, fintech companies and other new competitors have entered the market, significantly increasing competitive pressure. 

In addition, the pressure on earnings remains high due to the persisting low interest rate environment, cost increases and regulatory requirements. So, to avoid being left behind by competitors, established business and operating models need to be challenged. Employees and executives in particular are facing major challenges.

What we can do and how we work

  • Organizational target image development (future workshops)
  • Organizational design: network, “holocracy”, ambidexterity
  • Agile organizational development: agile readiness check, agile pilots, agile transformation

What we achieve with this

  • Financial services providers need to reconsider their strategy and room for maneuver in terms of costs and income in order to secure their future. 
  • They need to increase efficiencies, leverage income opportunities and potentials, and coordinate necessary measures to align them with the target image.
  • Financial services providers need to invest in their people, and especially in the diversity of their teams, to make the organization fit for the future. 
  • Since especially requirements for executives and employees are increasing, financial services providers need to (incrementally) evolve into agile and diverse organizations.

Together with you, we develop a target image for your organization, support you in the transformation, and accompany you through the implementation – to make sure that the change reaches the people.