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“Interest rate and cost pressures are increasingly forcing life insurers to systematically optimize and digitalize their platform to ensure their competitiveness. For many insurers, this will be the key challenge in the life business model over the coming years.”
Philip Franck, Partner, zeb





IT platform optimization

The life insurance industry is in a state of upheaval – outdated IT inventory management systems combined with an overly large, confusing premium landscape require technical optimization and modernization of the IT platform. In addition to optimizing existing systems, many insurers are planning to use standard software and are launching major migration projects aimed at future-proofing their platform. Furthermore, there is usually a high dependence on a few knowledge carriers with regard to legacy architectures, which can be reduced by systematic modernization. 

zeb supports life insurers in all stages of this digital transformation. With references ranging from IT strategy development and software vendor selection to the planning, management and implementation of complex life inventory migrations, we have in-depth expertise in all strategic and implementation-oriented issues in life platform optimization.

Organizational optimization

Life insurers also face major challenges from an organizational and process perspective. Outdated and often manual processes prevent companies from achieving operational efficiency. Therefore, the organizational focus is on process optimization with a focus on automating the most common business transactions in life insurance. This reduces costs and frees up resources for complex issues, e.g. in transformation projects. Supported by technological innovations and accompanied by IT platform optimization, insurers can implement more efficient processes and thus allocate valuable resources in a targeted manner.

zeb also supports life insurers in their organizational and process-related realignment. With broad know-how gained through various projects in the restructuring and process optimization of life insurance companies, we assist in the successful implementation of these schemes.

Solutions & fields of action


One of the most relevant future topics for insurance companies is the contribution to a sustainable transformation of the economy and society. zeb supports its clients in all issues related to the sustainability of life insurance products – both in terms of regulatory standards (Article 6/8/9 products according to the EU Disclosure Regulation) and from the customers’ perspective.

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Investment management / ALM

zeb supports its clients in increasing their investment income in life insurance long-term. The efficient utilization of risk-bearing capacity, professional asset allocation with modern technological support, and integrated asset & liability management are key levers in this respect.

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Selling life insurance products in the digital era offers many opportunities and creates growth potential. Based on our project expertise, we have successfully set up the sales units of many insurers for the future.

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