Building societies

Like all financial institutions, building societies are operating in a challenging environment. 

They have to adapt to a market environment with negative interest rates, increasingly digital sales, and changing customer demands. At the same time, building societies need to reduce costs, increase earnings, and build a customer-centric organization.  

On the other hand, they are presented with opportunities that need to be exploited and potential that needs to be leveraged. The increasing importance of owner-occupied real estate in (post-)Corona times, the improved government support for building savings and the contribution of real estate owners to climate neutrality, which will have to be financed in the coming years, are just some of the examples in the room.

zeb analyzes and knows the building savings sector in a depth and level of detail that no other consultancy can match. We see ourselves as a pilot through turbulent times, as a supporter of the necessary transformation processes and as a partner for change.




Selected references from the Building societies 

Together with us, our clients address pressing issues and challenges arising from the industry’s changing dynamics and new regulatory requirements. As “partners for change”, together, we overcome the only constant—change.