zeb.Podcast series "Sound of Finance"

Exclusive financial services know-how from zeb also available as a podcast

Our podcasts deal with topics across the entire value chain of large and private banks as well as regional banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries. We talk about management topics, pricing models or artificial intelligence, i.e. everything related to the financial services sector. 

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Our offer to listen

In conversations, our experts share their knowledge, experience and assessments of current studies, projects and trends with our listeners.

Corporate culture and purpose-driven organizations
Do regional banks still have a future?
Online Mortgages: The next revenue driver for banks?
Learning of the future
Process optimization: Good for banks and their employees
Penta: Platform instead of a bank
Detecting and avoiding misconduct in banks
Data, digitalization and the glasses of Jürgen Klopp
Investment strategies for Austria and beyond
Corona and Recruiting
Business case sustainability?
Omnichannel Management
Why accounts cost money
Digital maturity of banks
European Insurance Study 2020
Teamwork and Leadership
Data Analytics
Change Management
Climate Change and ESG


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