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Our podcasts deal with topics across the entire value chain of large and private banks as well as regional banks, insurance companies and financial intermediaries. We talk about management topics, pricing models or artificial intelligence, i.e. everything related to the financial services sector. 

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In conversations, our experts share their knowledge, experience and assessments of current studies, projects and trends with our listeners.

Burkhard Hanke, head of Recruiting at zeb, talks about the changes Corona has brought to his team, how digital the application process really is and why he answers every comment on evaluation portals himself.

Sebastian Becker, Head of TABULARAZA, on the opportunity to create added value and develop new business models for financial service providers with the help of agile methods. (German)

Dr. André Ehlerding, Senior Partner at zeb, talks about the results of the current Digital Pulse Check, the digital maturity of European banks and a realistic assessment of new business models. (German)

This episode of our podcast covers, for the first time, the topic of "Insurance", the second major customer group that zeb advises. Specifically, we talk about the results of our new European Insurance Study 2020. (German)

Martin Wolfslast talks to Sabine König, Senior Manager, about how and why future customer behavior will be decisive in determining whether the topic of "sustainability" can become a business case for credit institutions.(German)

James Williams, Senior Consultant at zeb consulting, talks to his colleague Caroline Wolf, Senior Consultant, about how "omnichannel management" would work in a perfect world.

Why do current accounts cost money? Peter Klenk, partner at zeb and expert on pricing, talks to Maximilian Huth, consultant, about everything that can be done wrong but also right on this topic. (German)

"Teamwork and leadership at financial services providers in the corona crisis" is the topic of this podcast, which Martin Wolfslast, consultant at zeb.campus, talked about with Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook, Senior Manager. (German)

Data Analytics and customer activation. Sebastian Brecht, Senior Manager, explains why Sleeping Beauty is more than just a fairy tale for banks and insurance companies in an interview with Julian Hentschel, Consultant. (German)

"Turn those affected into participants." zeb talks to Dietmar Dertwinkel, member of the Managing Board of Volksbank Greven, about digitization, why people are the focus of attention and the necessity of change management. (German)

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