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Agility: Hype? Nice-to-have? Or much more?

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the finance sector



Private health insurers focus on health services

How to become a health care provider: Our current study on the private health insurance market

Digital transformation of European banks – “in full swing” or “stopped”?

Digital Pulse Check 4.0 - Our study on the status of digital transformation of European banks 

Into the green? ESG as a unique opportunity for post-crisis banking 

Out now: Our European Banking Study 2021, 1st edition



The Robo Advisor for your funding search:

Relevant, comprehensive, precisely fitting and available around the clock.


Our engagement in the UN´s Global Compact Initiative

Communication on progress 2020-2021

Digital Claims – The time is right!

Study on the status of digitalization in claims management


Consulting for Financial Services

Transformation expertise along the entire value chain 


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Die #Digitalisierung des Gesundheitssystems ist dringend notwendig. Nicht nur in der Pandemie bieten digitale Services Mehrwerte. Mehr dazu: #PKV #KV #Krankenversicherung #Gesundheitsdienstleister #DigitaleTransformation #insurance #health

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Listen to Noor van Boven - Board advisor, Founder, Global Executive and former Chief People Officer at N26 - talking to Mathias Dockner, zeb, about the age of „always-on” transformation at work, how people can navigate in an ever changing environment, the differences between #FinTechs and established #Financial Institutions, the role of #purpose in #organizations, how to translate purpose into corporate culture and last, not least, the element of #diversity. Enjoy and thanks a lot, Noor van Boven, for joining us on zeb.Sound of Finance. Tune in at: Apple: Spotify: Google: Website:

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Matilda works as a student assistant in Research. In her testimonial, she tells us about the tasks she takes on and what she particularly appreciates about working at zeb. You can read it here: #testimonial #internship #career #business #insidezeb #teamzeb #worklife #motivation #researcher #researchlife #researching

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Wir haben eine neue Episode unseres Podcasts zeb Sound of Finance veröffentlicht. Dort sprechen unsere Experten über aktuelle Studien, interessante Projekte und die neuesten Trends im Bereich Financial Services. Direkt reinhören: