Successfully transforming corporate culture

“Culture is the ecosystem that strategy lives or dies in.”

Our approach for your corporate culture

How we see things

In transformation processes, culture is often considered superfluous and executives and board members often view it as an unnecessary sideshow. We see it differently: for us, corporate culture is the core of transformation, because it reaches people – the most important element – on a very personal level.

Like any good corporate strategy, culture needs a clear and meaningful vision. This aspiration is aligned with the company’s strategic goals and enables the systematic pursuit and achievement of objectives. The vision can be used as a foundation for identifying particular strengths of the current corporate culture as well as urgent fields of action. It is important to utilize these strengths while also developing the fields of action. 

Process optimization or technology and digitalization are only marginal competitive factors today. Culture – how the company works, how things are done – will become the decisive differentiator for companies in the 21st century. After all, corporate culture is the ecosystem in which concepts and strategies live or die. 

What we can do and how we work

  • Development of mission, vision and values
  • Establishing a cultural target image
  • zeb.culture check: illustrating / measuring the corporate culture and deriving recommendations for action
  • Cultural transformation 

What we achieve with this

We implement tailor-made culture programs that provide significant impetus in the short term and set the right course for the long term – we ensure communication and dialog.