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Issue 40 | April 20, 2022 | Say goodbye to the Goldilocks economy

  • Post-war economic perspectives and impact on banks
  • What do the war and sanctions mean for economic growth, inflation as well as interest rates and thus for the European banking industry?
  • The overall effects for the European banking sector seem to be manageable but banks can become the profiteers of the turning point for interest rates


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With zeb.market.flash, zeb publishes a quarterly, highly topical overview of the performance of the world’s largest banks (measured by market capitalization). It starts with a brief and concise description of the relevant factors, which are then analyzed and assessed by our experts.

In our analyses, we take a detailed look at the relevant indicators for assessing the capital market, such as stock returns, and also at macroeconomic and bank-specific drivers. These include return on equity, yield curves or GDP growth.

Particular emphasis is placed on the performance of top banks in Europe. How does their performance compare to the world’s largest banks? Which European banks show a particularly strong or a particularly weak capital market development? And why? In addition, each issue features an in-depth research on a special topic that is particularly relevant to the industry at the present time.

Our background knowledge gained from 30 years of financial services consulting completes these assessments. This offers you a unique insight into the global banking market in an exclusive and compact format.

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