Mortgage banks


The market for mortgage banks and real estate banks is on the move. Move with us.

Times change. And with them the markets:

As a result of the financial and economic crisis, increased banking regulation has led to a considerable change in the environment for Pfandbrief and real estate banks and has imposed a number of regulatory challenges on the banks themselves. It remains to be seen whether the "flood of regulation" will continue or return to pre-crisis levels.

However, the ongoing low-interest phase and expansive monetary policy will continue to dominate the markets and fuel the already fierce competition in the real estate financing market.

The search for low-risk business, especially in the commercial sector, as well as a large number of new competitors is leading to a continuing noticeable pressure on margins and the search for new markets.

In addition, as a result of digitization, non-banks and near-banks with specialized and digitized business models are penetrating the traditional markets and require action or reaction from existing market participants.


All these changes on the market side present Pfandbrief and real estate banks with major challenges. Business strategies are being reviewed across the industry for their viability, innovative and, in particular, digital approaches are intended to leverage further market potential, and optimised management and reporting models are being used.

At zeb, we support our clients in meeting precisely these challenges. With our international know-how in leading banking markets, broad banking expertise, extensive experience in digitisation and our implementation expertise, we ensure that your company can successfully face the changes.

Our consulting services include, among others:

  • Classical business area analyses and strategies
  • Business model and business process optimization in the digital context
  • Liquidity management
  • Portfolio Management

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