esg für unsere kunden
Esg für unsere kunden

ESG for our clients

We advise financial services providers on their key role in the sustainable transformation of the economy.

We promote the multipliers of sustainability in our role as consultants


We support the financial industry in its key role in transforming the economy and society towards a sustainable world. As intermediaries, financiers, controllers and insurers, financial services providers are cornerstones for achieving a climate-neutral European economy by 2050. In view of this goal, we work with our clients to develop sustainability strategies, measure sustainability pathways and quantify climate risks.  

We advise on all ESG issues.


„We know our clients’ products and services inside out and are aware of the challenges they will be facing in terms of sustainability.“

Dr. Sara Könemann, Senior Manager at zeb

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We support you from ESG strategy to implementation – and beyond.

Ambition and strategy

At zeb, we support our clients in defining goals for the sustainable transformation of their company and making the necessary changes to their existing business strategy.


Business and risk management

At zeb, we support our clients in developing methods for measuring ESG factors and integrating them into business and risk management.

Reporting and disclosure

At zeb, we advise our clients on reporting obligations and support them in defining and collecting suitable information and standards.

Products and sales

ESG goals and strategic adjustments must be translated and integrated into products and customer-facing areas. We assist our clients in the development of corresponding products and services. We provide training courses to prepare customer advisors for the new offerings and working methods.

HR and culture

Employee motivation is crucial to the success of ESG goals. With surveys and analyses as well as targeted workshops and coaching, zeb supports the successful adjustment of the corporate culture to this challenge.

Our ESG consulting services
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zeb supports decision-makers at large banks, commercial real estate finance providers, regional banks and building societies, as well as at asset management and insurance companies.