Data Analytics and AI

How financial services providers put data-driven technologies and methods to good use

The financial services sector: fit for the future

AI is not a question; it is the answer to profound changes

Artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics are essential tools for financial services providers: those who use them make themselves fit for the future, but they need to be ready to change. Those who ignore these technological developments will save resources in the short term. In the medium term, however, this decision will have severe consequences. Many banks and financial services providers are beginning to recognize the significant potential of AI to expand and optimize their business and operating models, allowing them to move away from a product-centric and towards a customer-centric approach. However, faced with a multitude of potential solutions and a rapid pace of development, institutions are struggling to assess which data-driven technologies suit their individual needs best: how can they identify the right solutions in the fields of big data, advanced analytics and AI processes to advance their organization?

Such a phase of doubt is not a showstopper. In fact, it’s a great opportunity to determine an institution’s AI readiness and evaluate its individual needs. The most crucial factors for these considerations are market potential and available resources. After all, AI and data analytics are not an end in themselves, but the basis for an up-to-date strategy to solve classic business tasks: achieving customer satisfaction, designing efficient processes and making better decisions
At zeb, we strive to help our clients find out how to optimally deploy these technologies in order to create tangible added business value. In addition, we assist them in meeting the necessary requirements and conditions to establish and maintain AI as an integral part of their entire organization.

The zeb approach to data analytics and AI strategies

We provide modern and ambitious financial services providers with holistic consulting on how to use data-driven technologies and support them in the resulting transformation process. Our focus is on applications from the areas of sales, customer interaction, processes, management and decision-making. This includes helping our clients identify, evaluate and implement value-adding use cases. From IT and compliance to industry knowledge, we support financial services providers in creating a strong foundation for AI to become an integral part of their business processes, taking into account the highly regulated environment. 
Feel free to approach us, if you want to conceptualize your basic strategy, evaluate initial ideas, turn prototypes into successful products or reassess your existing structures and solutions!

Here you can find out who we are and how we work
  • We put people at the center of the strategy. An AI method and a data lake will not be enough to ensure long-term success.
  • Our solutions are tailor-made and practical. We derive recommendations for action directly from your ambition, situation and the results of the analysis.
  • We are passionate about what we do. Our concepts and modes of working are informative, scientifically sound and fun.
  • For us, an ingenious solution must be simple. Complex solutions that no one understands do not help – our solutions actually reach people. 
  • Financial services are part of our DNA. We have the subject matter expertise and understand the opportunities and challenges of your industry.

AI scenarios for financial services providers

Inspiring customers

In the financial industry, customer interaction and sales analytics are becoming more and more important.

Optimizing processes

Intelligent automation makes old processes leaner and more efficient.

Making decisions

Creating a better basis for decision-making minimizes risks and helps identify potential.

Laying the foundation

Preparing the organization and enterprise architecture for AI and data analytics.


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