Ensure customer access and communication

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zeb offers you a comprehensive and pragmatic set of tools:

  • Focused approaches to individual issues ranging from communication - zeb.Chatbot - and channel optimization to service design
  • Ensuring business stabilization and crisis-adjusted sales
  • Action program for all phases and stages of development during and after the crisis

Our approach

Due to the economic impact of the crisis on each individual customer—both commercial and private—and the resulting uncertainty, securing customer access and customer communication is now especially important for every bank.

Many customers are uncertain because the economic risks and their consequences cannot be foreseen. For this reason, it is essential first of all to guarantee accessibility and establish a transparent, ongoing and broad customer approach that actually responds to customers’ needs. In the first few days and weeks, measures will focus in particular on the current crisis situation and emergency services, e.g. in terms of financing and liquidity. Additionally, it's advisable to carry out specific and individualized communication to stabilize customer relations (maintaining contacts, offering assistance, etc.).

For this purpose, the prerequisites for improved accessibility and a ‘normalization’ of customer interactions must be created in the short term. 
This includes:

  • Shifting capacities from stationary sales to remote channels, such as call centers / customer service centers
  • Enabling or expanding online and remote consulting,
  • Short-term increase in usage rates for digital channels,
  • Short-term adaptation of digital channels in case of missing essential functionalities and
  • Ensuring the continuous availability of those digital channels

In the medium term, establishing new offerings as an alternative to traditional branch sales should be examined. This might include permanent expansion to the customer service center in terms of performance, expansion to the digital branch and, if necessary, downsizing of the branch network. These measures will help to stabilize ongoing customer interactions in a prolonged crisis, increase call frequencies via digital channels and successively establish genuine sales offers.


This measure is of great urgency: after an initial stabilization of operations, availability for customers and customer communication must be ensured immediately and permanently. For the institution there is a risk of neglecting good customers—but there is also the chance to present oneself as a fair and stable partner in the crisis and to significantly increase customer loyalty.


Obvious external dependencies are driven by the dynamics of the pandemic and the corresponding measures taken by public institutions. zeb can keep you up to date on both topics with our free articles on "Epidemic Monitor" and "Monitor public institutions".

In addition, there is a dependency regarding "maintaining internal business capability", as this determines communication contents.
Further information on the corporate customer segment can be found under "preparing for the credit run".

Relevance to

This measure applies in particular to private and business customers.