Consulting services on ESG integration for regional banks and building societies

Sustainability is very high on the agenda of national and european banking associations. At zeb, we support our bank clients with ESG integration in strategy and implementation to make their own processes and offerings more sustainable in a credible manner. This begins in product development and extends to ongoing certification.


Consulting on sustainability strategy
  • Determination of ambition level, strategic guidelines and financial performance
  • Integration of the sustainability perspective into strategy projects
  • Strategic sustainability assessment

Contact : Ulrich Hoyer, Partner

zeb.Sustainability Health Check
  • Chatbot survey to determine the institution’s level of maturity

Contact: Marco Zimmer, Partner, Thomas Reimler, Senior Manager; Antje Axmann, Managerin; Anna Wessels, Managerin

  • Chatbot survey on the sustainability typology of employees and customers

Contact: Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook, Senior Manager / akademischer Leiter der zeb.business.school; Thomas Reimler, Senior Manager; Antje Axmann, Managerin; Anna Wessels, Managerin

ESG business opportunities
  • Creation of unique selling propositions (USPs) in ESG-oriented competition
  • Generation of income and profits through ESG integration in private and corporate customer products (retail/wholesale)
  • Boosting product attractiveness and valuation
  • Identification of customers / customer groups with an affinity for sustainability to tap into this potential 

Contact: Ulrich Hoyer, Partner

Operational ESG integration at building societies
  • Energy efficiency standards in lending decisions
    • Determination of the essential energy efficiency standards or standards for more sustainable construction
    • Analysis of the main key performance indicators (ESG KPIs) for construction financing
  • ESG risks in risk management 
    • Advice on the standardized integration of physical and transitory climate risks
    • Evaluation of the loan portfolio under ESG aspects
  • ESG data models
    • ESG data inventory development and maintenance for alternative credit risk models such as positive and negative criteria, ESG traffic light system and ESG scoring
  • Investment strategy
    • How do building society savings deposits become green?
    • What room for maneuver does the Building Societies Act allow?
  • ESG funding
    • Optimal process integration of the KfW energy efficiency programs 
    • Advice on EU-funded green mortgages
  • Green covered bonds (Pfandbriefe)
    • Refinancing, e.g. taking into account the EU taxonomy

Contact: Marco Zimmer, Partner; Thomas O. Klimpke, Partner; Thomas Reimler, Senior Manager; Antje Axmann, Managerin

zeb ESG regulation services
  • Regulatory Hub
    • The Regulatory Hub products “Radar, Monitor and Architecture” provides you with an ongoing up-to-date overview of the constantly growing ESG regulatory environment
    • The main target group for this service are division managers and department heads from regulatory reporting, credit risk, risk controlling and compliance
    • We support you in solving any challenge to meet ESG regulatory requirements 
    • ​​​​​​​​​​​​Access to Regulatory Hub 
  • Consulting on regulatory reporting and disclosure
    • ESG impact on minimum capital requirements (“green / brown / taxonomy factor”)
    • Risk management requirements of EBA, ECB, etc.
    • Disclosure in the risk report
  • Support for associations in ESG policy field planning and in the development of standards

Contacts: Christian Schiele, Partner; Jacob Kleinow, Manager

zeb ESG research services

Scientific, pragmatic and decision-oriented concept development, creation and implementation of advanced training courses in the field of sustainable finance: 

  • in cooperation with leading banking academies, banking associations and individual institutions
  • zeb sustainable finance seminars

Client-specific ESG research, e.g.:

  • Identification of key ESG KPI data points 
  • Reconciliation with existing ESG data in public company databases
  • Process definition of ESG data deliveries
  • CSR performance indicators: definition, measurement and control for profit-oriented sustainability management

European Banking Study 2020 

  • Climate protection – the great game changer
  • Policy agenda – ambition and instruments
  • Banking agenda – more than greenwashing
  • Click here to request the study free of charge

BankingHub – the portal for banking news – is increasingly putting ESG topics center stage, e.g.: 

  • European Asset Management Study 2020: “ESG is becoming the new standard and growth driver for net new money, but asset managers are not yet achieving the targets they have set for themselves in terms of a holistic ESG orientation.”

ESG investing: the rise of a new standard – Current ESG trends and future challenges for financial institutions

Contacts: Prof. Dr. Joachim Paul Hasebrook, akademischer Leiter der zeb.business.school; 
Prof. Michael Lister, Head of zeb.campus; Gerd Stickling, Partner; Dr. Ekkehard Bauer, Senior Manager;
Dr. André Hasken, Senior Manager; Jens-Uwe Holthaus, Senior Manager

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Prof. Dr. Michael Lister

Director zeb.business school


Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook

Senior Manager

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