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Private Banking

On the tipping point?

Prospects for German Private banking providers


German private banking customers had total assets of EUR 7.2 trillion in 2022. This is expected to rise to EUR 10.3 trillion by 2027. The volume of liquid assets played a minor role in 2022 (12%). The main drivers of asset growth were real estate and equity investments. This shows the consulting potential that asset managers can exploit in these asset classes. The analysis of the private banking market in Germany conducted as part of this study identified several focus topics as key challenges and opportunities.

In the short term, the central banks' turnaround on interest rates offers significant potential for growth in the area of income-oriented interest book management – depending on the business model and the historically evolved set-up. This includes customers in the Private Banking and Wealth Management segments with liquid assets of > EUR 500 thousand. The global trend towards greater sustainability and the associated ESG requirements offer attractive opportunities through targeted advice and investment products.

In the medium term, there are many as yet untapped opportunities through the potential of digital customer service and the holistic exploitation of sales potential (beyond liquid assets).

In the long term, the market for digital assets and DLT currently offers low-barrier access to a high-margin, previously untapped market.

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