Consulting services for cooperative banks

Consulting services for implementing ESG/sustainability goals at Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken

For cooperative banks, the topic of “sustainability” is as important as it is complex.

It is the responsibility of the management to define the sustainability strategy of their bank in compliance with its promotional mandate, to adjust it to the current situation and to find a suitable individual starting point.


  • CSP-Radar CSP for creating an ESG Balanced Scorecard
  • Determining the ambition level by analyzing the environment
  • Strategic guidelines for business and operating models
  • Integrating the eigenland® theses method

Contacts: Thomas Stegmüller, Stephan Dreyer

Risk management and overall bank management

  • Implementing sustainability and risk inventory 
  • Extending the risk strategy 
  • Measuring and managing individual aspects of sustainability

Contact: Christian Witte

Core business

  • Integrating sustainability into the range of services and the advisory process
  • Account models reflecting ESG issues
  • Sustainability aspects in individual asset management 
  • ESG-compliant proprietary business

Contacts: Wolfram LangeMatthias Ewald

Business operations

  • The ESG-compliant branch 
  • Diversity as a path to success
  • Integrating sustainability into the bank’s remuneration systems

Contacts: Sandra Douqué, Dr. André Hasken

Communication and society

  • “How sustainable are you?” – chatbot survey for teams and for customers

Contacts: Dr. Frauke Schlütz, Prof. Dr. Joachim Hasebrook

Ethics and culture

  • Corporate and leadership culture
  • Sustainability and values

Contacts: Nils Schmidt, Felix Nübel

We are your partner for implementation – aligning existing systems and new sustainability/ESG requirements in an effective manner.

The zeb expert network will be pleased to support you if 

  • you want to approach these topics. With our eigenland® theses method and knowledge from our sustainability and social banking studies, we support management teams in starting to address the topic of sustainability.
  • you want to analyze the strategic implications of sustainability and determine your goals as well as your individual road map for sustainability/ESG.
  • you want to perform a sustainability and risk inventory, expand your risk strategy or integrate measurement and management of sustainability aspects into bank management.
  • you want to align your sales model with the new ESG requirements or add sustainability to your range of (advisory) services
  • you want to start addressing topics such as diversity, women’s quotas or integrating sustainability into renumeration systems as early as possible.
  • you are convinced that sustainability cannot be achieved without a culture of change and vice versa.