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European Insurance Study

A look at which insurers have been most successful in the past decade – and why direct sales will become even more important in the future

Why Bertha Benz would be disappointed by the World Climate Summit.

Impetus from Prof. Annette Kehnel, Professor at the University of Mannheim.

Savings banks: Merging and staying regional

Success factors, individual solutions and limits

Swiss private banking 2021

To retain their pole position, Swiss private banking must embrace change

Financial Center Germany 

Diversity as an Advantage and Strength of the Financial System. New study by Germany Finance and zeb (German)

European Banking Study, 3Q21 edition

Next stop: Paris

Tracking European banks’ path to net zero

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Consulting for Financial Services

Transformation expertise along the entire value chain 


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The #transformation to a #sustainable economy is underway. Many do not see this in a positive light. What impedes change? What can we learn from history in terms of transformation skills? More to read in a guest article by historian Prof. Annette Kehnel: ➡️

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What’s holding back change? We can learn a lot from history to answer this question. This is demonstrated by the historian and successful book author (“Wir konnten auch anders”) Prof. Annette Kehnel. Previous generations also faced major transformations. In her guest article, Kehnel describes how they dealt with these and what lessons we can learn for the present and the future ➡️ A sample: without the courage to take a pioneering drive in a motorcar, the launch of the automobile would have been a different story. An #innovation helped solve the paper shortage of the 18th century – and experts at the time were sure that paper could only be made from rags. But a great deal of #transformation competence was lost in the course of human history and needed to be reinvented. Status quo bias is a major obstacle that impedes progress. #femaleexcellence #innovationstrategy