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Why banks are such lucrative targets for cyber attacks

The financial sector is the most vulnerable sector when it comes to cyber attacks.


A new perspective ...

Why financial services providers should go for cloud services


Too little revolution

At the moment, the insurance industry is doing well. However, there is a lack of growth because insurers are still hesitant in taking the opportunities offered by digitalization and data science.


Agility: Hype? Nice-to-have? Or much more?

One of the biggest misunderstandings in the finance sector


Winning customers means you’re winning at digitalization

New competitors demonstrate what "client centricity" means  


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The new year at zeb has started with many new and highly motivated colleagues we welcomed to our “zeb Start” week in Münster. We wish everyone a successful start. #welcome #stayandgrow #onboarding

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Die zielgerichtete Nutzung von Data Science wird zukünftig zum wesentlichen Erfolgsfaktor in der Versicherungsbranche werden. Erfahren Sie mehr in der European Insurance Study: #DataScience #Versicherung #Insurance #zebStudie

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RT @BankingHub: Die #EBA-Leitlinien zielen auf eine Verbesserung des Risikomanagements + der #Governance-Mechanismen im #Kreditgeschäft sow…

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#OfficeAcademy at our office in #Hamburg - trends and challenges of #RPA use