The European CFO in Financial Services


The role and self-understanding of CFOs in the financial industry have changed significantly—for the better

While CFOs used to be mainly occupied with traditional activities such as reporting, accounting or regulatory tasks, digitalization is now opening up the opportunity for a targeted evolution of their field. As sparring partners of Chief Executive Officers, they will in future (have to) take on more strategic tasks, contribute more significantly to value creation and thus shape the future of their banks more actively than before. That is the result of this year’s CFO Study conducted by zeb. This year, the focus of the study was on the effects of digitalization on the finance area of banks.
About the study
Since 2016, the zeb.CFO Study has annually asked executives from finance departments within the banking industry for their views on the biggest challenges and trends for large European banks. The study is regarded as unique due to its special focus on the European banking sector. It is intended to support CFOs in making the best possible use of digitalization and offers insights into the challenges finance departments of banks are currently facing.

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