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Sustainability in the financial sector is becoming more and more important across the globe. For the Swiss financial center, this presents a considerable opportunity. Currently, the government, authorities and banks are working on an optimal regulatory framework. The report “Sustainable finance in Switzerland” by the Swiss Federal Council sets the overall course. It demonstrates the country’s high ambitions regarding sustainability. A total of 15 measures have been implemented or initiated – with more to follow.

Swiss banks have already achieved a lot through self-regulation. However, in order to further strengthen the credibility of the financial center, also in terms of sustainability, additional binding adjustments and extensions to the regulatory framework are to be expected.

The measures recently planned by the EU as well as the establishment of working groups by the Swiss government and various Swiss umbrella organizations are indicative of the measures Switzerland is going to adopt.

Based on the conclusions that can be drawn from these indicators, zeb outlines four development areas for future sustainability regulation in Switzerland and identifies six fields of action for Swiss financial institutions.


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