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Property renovation as a way out of the crisis

Many millions of homes in Switzerland are poorly insulated or have old heating systems, which is a huge problem in the middle of the energy and environmental crisis: residential buildings devour more than a third of Switzerland's total final energy consumption and are responsible for almost 25% of all CO2 emissions. The Swiss Federal Statistical Office explains: Energetic renovation in the building sector brings massive savings potential – in energy and in the longer term also in up to 35% of energy costs.

Initially, however, the future is expensive.Energy upgrades require extensive government funding as well as private and private-sector impetus. As part of the "Energy Strategy 2050" approved by the people, the Federal Council wants to almost halve the energy consumption of buildings by 2050. Initiatives relating to this strategic development can already be found in almost all areas of many banks – in the business, operating and management model.

For bank customers, however, ESG is usually a very arduous and complex subject. They could use comprehensive support for the sustainable renovation of their properties.

After all, any financial or environmental incentives can easily miss their mark if the renovation process is so hard to accomplish that property owners shy away from it or simply fail. Various providers are already offering individual services. Pioneers are demonstrating what a good range can look like.

In this white paper, we focus on the opportunities resulting from new offerings in ecosystem partnerships.

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