Agile Readiness Check 2022

zeb.Agile Readiness Check 2022

Ready for more agility?

In our Agility Study 2022, you will find out why agility is becoming even more important in a time characterized by great uncertainties - and where financial services providers stand after the Corona crisis. For us, agility is much more than just a buzzword. It describes the very concrete ability of individuals, teams and organizations to act in a customer-centric, results-oriented and flexible manner.

Back in 2019, we wanted to know in our first Agile Readiness Check: How agile are German financial services providers? Since then, a lot has happened. The good news: financial service providers have become more agile and attach great importance to the topic. The bad news is that this is still far from enough.

But in this study, we don't just map the status quo. You will also learn how you can change it.

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