Securing your company’s future in times of skills shortages

Financial services group with a focus on insurance, approx. 7,000 employees 


Initial situation

As part of a large-scale project to redesign the “future of work”, strategic human resources planning was one of the key topics. Foreseeable demographic developments, resulting in a loss of around 30% of the workforce by 2030, easily explained its urgency. This future risk was exacerbated by a gradual increase in employee turnover. Additional impetus was provided by the planned implementation of a major digital project, which required the future-oriented development of large groups of employees.



Based on existing HR data and the latest studies on social developments, various development scenarios up to 2030 were defined and calculated in simulations. These clearly showed the pressure to act, so strategic and operational fields of action were identified in close collaboration between the client and zeb, evaluated with regard to their state and underpinned with a target picture for the coming years. At the same time, development paths were outlined for selected employee groups in order to secure the loyalty of these employees and their employability after the digitalization initiative.


As part of the project, a total of ten fields of action were defined with the aim of strengthening employee recruitment and retention throughout the group, ensuring knowledge transfer through appropriate internal development measures, and significantly improving the employability and thus the prospects of large groups of employees. Target pictures in these fields of action provided the framework that could then be transferred into group-wide implementation.

"Employee retention is a huge success factor: if you don’t keep turnover in check, you’re steering into significant risk."