Corporate Banking Study 8.0: Corporate banking in the wake of the COVID-19 crisis

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Our offer

zeb supports you in the holistic repositioning of your corporate banking business with, among other things, an program comprising 12 current initiatives in these 4 thematic blocks: 

1. Adjust sales and distribution

2. Manage greater credit risks

3. Enhance efficiency

4. Transform digitally

Our approach

We have been conducting regular studies on corporate banking since 2004. In these studies, we analyze fundamental market developments, derive the strategic implications and draw up concrete recommendations for action. In light of the Corona crisis, we have prepared a complete overhaul of the zeb.corporate banking study. Our full focus is dedicated to corporate client business in the wake of the Corona pandemic and deriving the medium-term consequences. After a brief description of the Corona shock in the first chapter, the second chapter deals with its impact on the economy, negative interest rates, revenue and profit potential in corporate banking, regulation and digitalization. The third chapter outlines the necessary steps in the prioritized areas: 

Adjust sales and distribution

  • refining the “post-crisis” distribution model
  • managing growth limitations (caused by RWA) 
  • crisis-oriented enabling program

Manage greater credit risks

  • Corona scoring/risk monitoring
  • strengthening the management of problem loans
  • credit pricing 

Enhance efficiency

  • optimizing the location policy
  • developing a Customer Contact Center
  • institutionalizing virtual collaboration

Transform digitally

  • digital credit process
  • agile sales and process management
  • “digitally loading” the relationship managers


The urgency is very high for all banks operating in the corporate banking segment. 
Corporate banking is currently a stable anchor for earnings and results for many banks. The long-term sustainability of this business segment is therefore of great importance for the bank as a whole.


“Prepare for the credit run”
 “Develop competencies in restructuring, settlement and NPL management”

Relevant for

All banks operating in corporate banking. Particularly relevant for the following areas

  • corporate customer sales
  • back office lending
  • organization / IT
  • human resources