Corporate Banking Study 6.0


On corporate banking of the future

The corporate customer business of the future - will it be more challenging? Will it remain attractive? Is it analogue? Will it become a platform? Our new Corporate Customer Study 6.0 deals primarily with these questions.

We, once again, examined developments in corporate customer business in the European financial industry - namely in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In addition to the tried and tested success factors of market proximity, continuity of support and the presence of local decision-makers, new standards apply in times of digital transformation. A good corporate customer portal becomes a must in order to guarantee the time-independent availability of products and services. In addition, we think that banks should strengthen their networks in corporate customer business.

The corporate customer advisor will remain the central anchor of the customer-bank relationship in the future, but he must change and gain relevance, quality and efficiency through "digital charging", among other things.


This publication is only available in German.


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