Virtual Teams

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Virtual teams

Start fast, never stop—work and collaborate in virtual teams during a crisis

In these turbulent days one thing has become very clear: many banks do not have the technical and legal requirements for remote working. But no matter. The current crisis will force banks to take effective emergency measures to ensure business continuity.

Our free guide will help you adopt the right measures with speed. We’ve broken it down into two steps: the first step covers what needs to be done immediately so staff can work from home. The second step looks at working and collaborating in virtual teams effectively. We also take a look at legal ramifications, technology and organisation, collaboration and leadership.

These are our recommendations, albeit urgent recommendations. Each institution will face different challenges and will need to weigh up their actions against risks. A lot of these measures will have been unimaginable just a few weeks ago.

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Check list

The most important measures in two waves

1st wave:
functioning ad hoc

2nd wave:
effectively shaping the future

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