Datenerfassung Flexible Finanzierung

Intelligent data use along the product life cycle

Turning data into insights: using data to improve the customer experience

Digitalization and the Internet of Things, i.e. the networking of physical products, are leading to a rapid increase in data volumes. This data provides valuable information about the use and condition of industrial goods. Learn more about the opportunities that arise when data is systematically collected, linked and analyzed.

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Persönliche Angebote

Basierend auf den Produkt- und Kaufdaten können kundenspezifische Angebote für Produkterweiterungen oder Upgrades erstellt werden.

Flexible Finanzierung

Anpassung der Finanzierungsoptionen basierend auf Nutzungsdaten, wie Pay-per-Use-Modelle.

Proaktive Wartung

Wartungsbedarf frühzeitig erkennen und proaktiven Service unterbreiten.

Effizienter Kundenservice

Gezielten und schnellen Kundenservice anbieten und Arbeitsaufwand & Kosten reduzieren.

IoT data in sales financing

Digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) have fundamentally changed the way companies operate and create value. Comprehensive data collection and analysis are opening up new dimensions, particularly in the area of sales financing.

Risk structure of financing objects

If data is systematically collected, linked and analyzed, financial service providers can gain deeper insights into the risk structure of financing objects.

Intensity of use and operating status of industrial goods

By evaluating IoT data, the usage intensity and operating status of industrial assets can be monitored in real time. This makes it possible to predict precise maintenance cycles and minimize downtimes, which in turn reduces overall costs and extends the service life of the assets.

Financing models

For sales financing, this means that financing models can be developed based on the actual use and condition of the goods, rather than estimated lump sums. Pay-per-use models or usage-based leasing contracts could thus gain in popularity.

Big data in risk assessment

Analyzing big data enables more precise risk assessments. Based on the data collected, financial service providers can minimize the risk of non-payment by better assessing the creditworthiness of customers and offering more individual conditions. Credit decisions can thus be made more

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Technologische Konzeptionierung


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