Study on the private health insurance market


Health-promoting services are boosting digital transformation

Digitalization and general cost pressure continue to fuel the transformation of private health insurers. More and more providers no longer wish to be viewed merely as companies that refund costs, but rather as solution-oriented service providers for all topics relating to health. They need to efficiently integrate this new self-image into their operations as part of holistic service management.

Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, our original study analyzed how far insurers had progressed on their way towards becoming solution-oriented service providers in healthcare. The study focused on the range of health-promoting services offered.
Now, we have updated the study to address the following key questions: 

  • Which additional services are currently offered?
  • How has the range of additional services evolved at the various private health insurers?
  •  Which services or which private health insurers have seen a particularly strong development?


The study and its update​​​​​​ are only available in German.

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