Cloud or out

Cloud or out

Leveraging cloud technology now

Cloud or out? Two years ago this contentious idea may well have been met with incredulous laughter, at least in German IT departments. In the meantime, however, the market has developed in Germany too: more and more companies are taking the step from limited cloud pilots to a more comprehensive use of this deployment model.

The rigid boundaries of their own data centers and their traditional operating structures are gradually eroding. At any rate, people are much less afraid of the buzzword “cloud”: risks such as potential loss of control, confidentiality breaches and being locked-in can be mastered with the help of suitable strategies and therefore weigh less heavily today than the many advantages that a changeover can bring.

After all, the cloud package comprises much more than just the cost dimension: incremental learning, greater flexibility, a shorter time-to-market and up-to-date security measures are goals that every customer-oriented IT department must meet. And business departments are increasingly seeing other companies use the cloud effectively without falling to pieces. This has generated demands that cannot be ignored.
Two years ago, the threat of legal issues still seemed big enough to allow companies to play for time with regard to the cloud. On closer inspection, however, it becomes clear that the legal framework is no longer an insurmountable barrier, but a regulatory system that can be mastered. Get the whole picture by reading our publication.

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