“Nothing is more exciting than breaking new ground.”

Heinz-Gerd Stickling, Partner

Heinz-Gerd Stickling, zeb


Heinz-Gerd Stickling

Heinz-Gerd Stickling has been a partner at zeb for many years.

After studying business administration and completing a trainee program, he began his professional career in the banking towers of Frankfurt before continuing his career as a management consultant at zeb in 1998.In the financial sector, too, “understanding is the key to sound decision making, and curiosity is the basis for overcoming conventional thought patterns and systems.” With analytical tools and knowledge of methods, Heinz-Gerd supports strategy and transformation processes in banks.

He is also responsible for the Research department at zeb, where use-based research and cooperation on customer projects take place, organized into “Knowledge Teams” (for banks and insurance companies) and the “DeskResearch”.

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