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"DLT and Digital Assets" on April 05,2023

DLT and Digital Assets

DLT and Digital Assets

Enabling access to Digital Assets


Recent developments such as Goldman Sachs’ decision to set up a dedicated Digital Assets unit demonstrate that the financial services industry has finally acknowledged the role that DLT and digital assets will play in the years ahead. Untarnished by recent setbacks and market turmoil, many banks are therefore developing strategic roadmaps for entering the digital assets space and setting up first use cases. To avoid falling behind their peers, players without experience in the digital assets space should carefully consider whether to enter the market with their own dedicated offering.

Use cases for DLT and digital assets in the financial service industry
are numerous and range from brokerage to investment advice and asset
servicing. While the choice of service offering depends on a bank’s client focus and business model, digital assets custody and transfer capabilities are prerequisites for any of the above. Forming the backbone of an institutional digital assets infrastructure, digital assets custody is a strict requirement for storing tokens. Moreover, investors expect to be able to seamlessly move digital assets between institutions, making transfer capabilities compulsory.




When setting up a digital assets custody and transfer offering, a solid strategy and value proposition, rapid implementation as well as a technologically sound solution are amongst the main challenges. Moreover, banks should be aware of the specific risks related to these use cases. Such risks are often related to technological or regulatory uncertainty and should be proactively mitigated.

To offer insights on why banks should familiarize themselves with the digital assets business, showcase which options exist for developing a digital assets offering and highlight what challenges and risks should be considered, zeb is organizing its fourth virtual zeb.Business Event together with experts from the national and international DLT and digital assets industry.




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Panel participants


Andrew Wishart

is a Sales and Relationship Manager with 15 years of experience in the Financial Service Industry working in the SDX Web3 Services Company of the SIX Group. He specializes in Custody, Staking and Market Access services and technology and is responsible for the sales and relationships of prospects and clients and informing internally / externally on market developments. Andrew also founded a successful tourism start-up business in Melbourne Australia. He is inspired daily by his wife and son. In his free time, Andrew likes cycling, squash and spending time with friends & family.

Tobias Amiet

is a Managing Director and Head of Products & Services Compliance at JB.
He is a Senior Compliance Professional with more than 20 years of Compliance experience in different areas and supported the establishment of the cooperaton between Seba Bank and Julius Baer in 2019/2020. He is a member of the implementation Working Group of JB’s Digital Assets Strategy.

Amardeep Thandi

is the Director, Crypto Regulatory and Compliance Lead EMEA at Chainalysis.
He brings over a decade of financial crime investigations experience, having supported some of the largest financial institutions review, design and execute optimised responses to fraud investigations, disputes, litigation, and regulatory enforcement action, leading on Digital Forensics, eDiscovery, Cyber, advanced analytics and machine learning technologies.

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