DKM: 2019

The InsurTech theme park was once again a major attraction at the DKM for the fourth edition.

For some time now, established industry and InsurTech companies have been growing closer and closer together.
However, many intermediaries still know little about the new possibilities and are unsure where they will find their place in the new digital world. In an exchange of information with founders, young entrepreneurs, board members, managing directors and digital experts, visitors to the DKM took home the message that digitalization is moving towards intermediaries: digital tools should provide intermediaries with all the tools they need to remain important, profitable market players and trusted by customers. The message is clear: the future belongs to personal sales. But the new world continues to be diverse, as start-ups continue to push new ideas and the “offspring” of established companies appear in a completely new way. The InsurTech congress and theme park was once again a fountain of youth for the industry and for DKM.


Key messages of the program

  • The future will belong to products that perfectly address the individual circumstances of each customer and develop together with it.
  • Digital systems such as chatbots will be able to complement and assist the customer service for standard questions very well. But they will not replace humans.
  • In the future, those companies that make needs-oriented value propositions in ecosystems together with other companies will make their customers happy.
  • Digitalization offers more opportunities than risks to insurance sales. But only a few of the insurers and intermediaries know what to do to benefit from digitalization.



That was DKM 2019
“As the organizer of the InsurTech Congress, zeb is pleased to be involved in the DKM. The InsurTech Kongress offers zeb and all participants a great opportunity to meet with decision-makers from traditional insurance companies and founders from the InsurTech scene and to discuss the consequences of technological progress and the digital transformation on insurance sales together.”

Stefan Geipel, Partner, zeb

A look into the future
“Intermediaries must be open to all channels, because customers are also active on all channels and change them depending on individual preferences and situations. The challenge for intermediaries and insurers is to optimally dovetail all channels in order to meet the decision-making needs and the chosen channel preferences of the customer”

Wolfgang Essing, Senior Partner, zeb