private banking & wealth management

Private banking and wealth management

Private banking is undoubtedly one of the most dynamically growing segments in private customer business. With a continuous increase in assets under management (AUM) and non-interest commission income, the segment has become a cornerstone of the financial sector.
At zeb, we are proud to be consultants to leading private banking providers along the entire value chain, including private banks, regional banks, wealth managers, asset managers, custodian banks and their technology providers.
Our expertise in the private banking market spans many years of successful consulting activities and includes a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics.
We understand the challenges and opportunities of this market and help our clients to achieve their strategic goals as well as sustainable growth.


Despite years of market growth, the industry is facing numerous challenges that require innovation as well as adjustments to the business and operating models. 
Shrinking profit margins due to increasing competition combined with digital client needs are forcing private banking providers to work more efficiently while making future-oriented investments.
Digitalization and the use of artificial intelligence are no longer just options but necessities when it comes to meeting client requirements and achieving competitive advantages.
Modernizing legacy IT systems is essential in order to become more flexible, agile and secure. The shortage of skilled staff presents an additional challenge, as demographic pressure is particularly high in private banking and qualified employees are increasingly difficult to find.
To overcome these challenges, companies need innovative solutions and a partner to accompany them on their journey. 
At zeb, we develop strategies and solutions that help our clients achieve their goals and compete successfully in an ever-changing market.


Our expertise spans various topic areas in which we offer customized solutions:

Sales: We develop forward-looking concepts for private banking sales, from wallet analysis and relationship management formats to growth and market entry strategies.

Pricing: A tailored pricing strategy is crucial to adequately reflect the value of your services. We develop profit-optimizing and client-centric pricing models for the private banking business.

Digitalization: We support you in implementing a successful digitalization strategy that improves interaction with your clients and increases efficiency.

Operations: Our COO agenda is focused on achieving operational excellence and increasing efficiency. We support the implementation of sourcing solutions and the establishment of shared services centers to optimize processes and reduce costs.

Regulation: We create tailored solutions for all regulatory requirements in private banking. This includes the implementation of new obligations as well as assistance with license applications.

IT: We support our clients from the selection of providers to the implementation of specific IT solutions in private banking and wealth management. Our expertise ranges from client and advisor tools to portfolio management systems and even complete CBS migrations. We also develop customized solutions to meet our clients’ specific requirements and give them a competitive edge.
Our track record speaks for itself. With a large number of well-known clients throughout Europe, we have proven ourselves to be the right partner for your private banking and wealth management needs. 
Find out more about our references and take the opportunity to benefit from the experience of leading institutions.


Shape the future of your private banking and wealth management business together with zeb.



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