Großbanken Finance & Risk

Large Banks- Manage Finance and Risk


Given an increasing number of regulatory initiatives, a challenging market environment and rapid technological change, most finance and risk functions act in the eye of the hurricane.

Today, CFOs, CROs and chief compliance officers of major banks and insurance companies are facing complex challenges, such as:

  • Staying on top of the regulatory agenda in terms of understanding upcoming initiatives, simulation of regulatory impacts and management of a highly complex change portfolio
  • Ensuring the effective management and allocation of scarce capital, balance sheet and liquidity resources
  • Sound measurement and effective management of credit, market, liquidity and operational risks, as well as new risk types, such as cyber-risk
  • Balancing cost pressure and increasing external/internal requirements to the CFO/CRO function through improved target operating models and employing new technologies
  • Comprehensive coverage of the CRO and CFO agenda

Given an increasing number of regulatory initiatives, a challenging market environment and rapid technological change, most finance and risk functions act in the eye of the hurricane.


Our Finance & Risk (F&R) practices advise financial services institutions within all fields of the F&R organization, covering risk control, compliance, financial control, accounting, regulatory reporting, treasury and data management. 

More than 400 F&R consultants and 30 dedicated F&R researchers provide services in the following areas:

Risk control & methodology

  • Risk appetite, risk strategy and risk governance
  • Comprehensive risk methods: stress testing/scenario analysis and ICAAP/ILAAP
  • Risk measurement: credit, counterparty, market, liquidity and non-financial risk
  • Risk reporting, limit-setting and early-warning systems
  • Credit portfolio management, credit pricing and advisory of capital transactions
  • Risk target operating model design


  • Know-your-customer
  • Customer protection
  • Anti-money-laundering and anti-terrorist-financing
  • Compliance target operating model design (control framework and efficient processes)
  • License applications/ permits and advisory services in continental Europe

Financial control & strategic planning

  • Integrated financial resource management
  • Balance sheet modeling and management
  • Management accounting and performance control
  • Strategic planning and budgeting: process design and solutions
  • Cost accounting and cost management
  • Reporting solutions
  • Product/client analytics and funds-transfer pricing methodology
  • Finance target operating model design

Financial accounting

  • Implementation of new requirements/standards (IFRS9, prudent valuation, FINREP)
  • Hedge accounting
  • Fair value calculation for financial instruments
  • Multi-GAAP

Regulatory reporting

  • Regulatory monitoring & quantitative impact studies (QIS)
  • Design and implementation of regulatory reporting requirements (CoRep, FinRep, EU directives)
  • Supervisory relations & reviews (preparation and support of supervisory audits/assessments)

Treasury & ALM

  • Treasury strategy and mandate
  • Banking book and NII management
  • Liquidity management and optimal funding strategy
  • Investment management & asset allocation
  • Treasury solutions (zeb.control and/or third-party solutions)
  • Treasury target operating model design

Data strategy and data quality management

  • Business information modeling and data warehousing
  • Data quality management and data governance
  • Implementation of BCBS #239 requirements and D2-readiness
  • Big data analytics and monetization

F&R information services

  • Monitoring of regulatory initiatives and maintenance of zeb’s regulatory EU radar
  • Benchmarking of peer group performance/risk indicators and headcount
  • Outside-in scenario analysis and impact analysis
  • Publications and studies