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Selected topics and project reports from the insurance industry

Never before has the insurance industry faced such great challenges as it does today. The continuing low interest rate phase, new regulatory constraints and the inevitable demographic development are permanent framework conditions. Drastic changes in customer behavior, increasing price and performance transparency, and growing difficulties in attracting and retaining talent are inevitably forcing insurance companies to fight and hold their own on all conceivable fronts in parallel. At the same time, digitalization is opening up new opportunities for customers and companies that are shaking established industry mechanics to their core.

It is not unusual for tried and tested business models to be rethought from scratch and consistently further developed. Insurers must make customer needs and customer behavior the starting point for all considerations. In addition to a precise knowledge of the companies, this also requires a clear strategic view for farsighted navigation between maintaining existing strengths, fulfilling regulatory requirements and developing new competencies, as well as a correspondingly targeted but consistent allocation of limited financial and personnel resources.

Our Report Insurance gives you an insight into the broad spectrum of our activities. Together with our clients, we report on selected projects and current topics in various areas of the insurance industry. 

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