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Banking is currently one of the most dynamic businesses. Regulation, digitalization and multiple new competitors—as well as a tough market environment—put pressure on today’s business models and operating models across Europe. Recent years show poor profitability in the European banking market. In conjunction with high capital requirements and continuously high levels of operational costs, banks are facing challenging times these days. 
Even if success is nothing that you can plan from scratch, we at zeb believe that it is essential to set up strong visions and strategic targets that are in line with your firm’s culture and aspirations, in order to ensure your success for tomorrow.
For sure, this has to be very specific and uniquely fitted to your current situation. Based on our profound financial services expertise, our dedicated strategy consultants with financial services background will help you to ensure your competitive advantage in the following business areas: 

  • Corporate & institutional banking
  • Retail & business banking
  • Transaction banking and payments
  • Private banking, wealth & asset management


One of our core beliefs for a successful transformation is that you need to align all your initiatives comprehensively toward your business strategy. We at zeb deliver sound business strategies, from thought to action, and will cover your day-to-day challenges such as:

  • Market positioning and growth strategies
  • Strategy review and development
  • Data-driven wallet sizing
  • Portfolio acquisitions and sales
  • Digital strategy and road map development
  • Cost optimisation & restructuring
  • Product design and customer journey definition
  • Segment value propositions and service models
  • Sales force effectiveness programs
  • Business process re-design and operational excellency
  • Overall benchmarking (cost, sales, processes, value propositions)

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