zeb.great women 2017

Hard times (still) for the banking industry? Options and paths forward!


The banking sector is and will remain a highly competitive market; conditions are difficult and complex. This also means that the demands placed on managers will continue to rise. Host Dr. Katrin Lumma, Partner at zeb, invited women to the German Architecture Museum on November 17 to network and discuss approaches to the problems with a large number of participants from the financial services sector.

The zeb.European Banking Study published in November clearly shows which challenges lie ahead of the industry in terms of results and the necessary further development of business models. How do we deal with this and what options are there for female managers to shape this?

Maren Lehky, top management coach and expert for modern personnel management and leadership, has demonstrated the possibilities for mastering the current challenges: pragmatic approaches to solutions that give managers orientation for their companies and employees, signal presence and at the same time face emotions in order to successfully lead through change.

Dr. Kirsten Witte from Bertelsmann Stiftung presented interesting insights into the current state of municipal digitalization and best practice solutions from all over Europe. Digitalization at this level forms the basis for further development in the rest of society and is an indicator of digital progress. This is still exciting against the background of the challenges and changes in the financial services industry.

In the subsequent panel discussion, the participants had the opportunity to exchange their experiences with Dr. Lumma, Ms. Lehky and Dr. Witte and ask questions.