In today's financial services industry, decision-makers are exposed to a flood of digital innovations. Almost every day, new fintech companies are founded, or banks launch new products and innovations on the market. Given the mass and diversity of digital trends, however, it is very difficult for individual financial institutions to maintain an overview of the latest offerings and market participants.

However, banks and insurance companies must react by creating transparency about innovations at an early stage and deriving measures for action. This is exactly where zeb TrendScouting comes in!

Consulting services

The zeb TrendScouting Workshop provides a comprehensive overview of trends and supports institutions and companies in classifying key trends in the retail-banking and insurance sector.

Together with the respective institutions and companies, zeb colleagues work out an objective, individual prioritization of possible innovations and identify starting points for the institution-specific and company-specific digital agenda.

Within the framework of an on-site workshop, zeb will present—in detail—key developments and innovations with relevant market participants in the private customer business, on the basis of six trend domains: payment transactions, account services, investment and trading, financing, customers and channels, and infrastructure.

Evaluation and classification of trends in the context of a five-stage workshop process

Trend identification
1)    Become acquainted with innovations, classify innovations 

Trend presentation & scoring
2)    Understand trends
3)    Evaluate trends based on 10 criteria in 3 categories (maturity, potential, implementation effort)

Trend prioritization

4)    Set priorities (act, think, watch)
5)    Define action plans

The aim is to develop a user-specific, prioritized trend map with initial ideas for measures


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