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DLT, Digital Assets and Web3 - the Decentralization of the Digital World

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), Digital Assets and Web3 are the buzzwords of the digital world. While traditional systems depend on central institutions and are vulnerable to security risks, DLT offers a secure and transparent way to manage and control data and assets in a decentralized manner.

Distributed Ledger Technology – the basis of Digital Assets and Web3

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is the basis of, for example, blockchain technology, which is used to store Digital Assets, enabling efficient transactions and new business models. DLT also lays the foundation for the so-called Web3 – a new generation of the Internet based on decentralized networks. Developers can create applications and services there that are constantly controlled by users.

Better control, security and efficiency make DLT, Digital Assets and Web3 particularly relevant to the financial services industry. They will permanently change the way data and assets are secured, and shape the future of business and society.

Let’s do this together

For several years, zeb experts have been dealing with DLT, its impact dimensions, opportunities and challenges. We have actively supported leading financial institutions – established financial institutions as well as fintech and start-up companies – along the entire value chain. We thoroughly understand the trend, can derive related business models and implement them from start to finish. Projects are of a strategic, technical as well as operational nature, depending on our clients’ individiual needs. You will benefit from the extensive experience of our experts within the entire DLT and Digital Assets topic spectrum:

Strategy / business model: strategic positioning, market potential derivation and business case development
  • Review of strategic positioning
  • Development of business models and products
  • Competitive analyses and benchmarking
  • Derivation of market potentials
  • Development of business cases
Impact analysis / preliminary study: assessment and implementation of strategic options
  • Business model impact analysis
  • Sourcing analysis and make-or-buy assessment
  • Evaluation and initiation of strategic options
  • Development of a roadmap and an associated communication concept
Operating model: value chain analysis and target operating model development
  • Value chain analysis
  • Development of a target operating model for Digital Assets
  • Integration of Digital Assets into the organizational and operational structure, incl. go-live readiness preparation & change management
  • Development of a target IT architecture
Process: implementation and documentation of new processes
  • Implementation of new processes in the context of Digital Assets
  • Adaptation of existing structures, processes and work instructions
  • Support in vendor selection
  • Onboarding of partners / service providers
Licensing: support for licensing procedures for new legal entities and fintech startups
  • Licensing procedures for crypto custodians / crypto-security register
  • Structuring and preparation of the license application
  • Preparation of an organizational manual
  • Development of operational and organizational structure (including sourcing analyses) for new legal entities and fintech startups
Derivation and implementation of sound risk control frameworks to mitigate key risks associated with DLT & DA
  • Derivation and implementation of sound compliance procedures related to client onboarding and asset transfers (inter alia travel rule)
  • Implementation and parametrization of forensic blockchain tools
  • Derivation and implementation of token governance frameworks

Are you looking for support in the area of DLT / Digital Assets or interested in a discussion with our team of experts? Contact us at any time - we look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

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Distributed Ledger Technology; DLT; Web3
Distributed Ledger Technology

Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) will permanently change the existing financial system - let's prepare your company for it together.

Digital Assets; Web3; Distributed Ledger Technology, DLT
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Make use of the increasing acceptance of Bitcoin & Co. – we will support you in creating innovative services in the context of Digital Assets.

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