The zeb coronavirus action program for bank management and treasury at regional banks

Our offer

The coronavirus crisis also confronts (corporate) bank management and treasury at regional banks with enormous challenges. 

zeb supports the implementation of an effective action program in both areas with regard to the

  • appropriate consideration of “crisis parameters” and an assessment of the pandemic’s effects
  • evaluation of a holistic portfolio of measures across all business units (retail, corporate and treasury), taking into account new regulatory requirements
  • target-oriented integration into the organization and appropriate communication 

By providing

  • a customized zeb team to offer technical and methodological support for quickly implementing the action program 
  • and “remote” support (by telephone, video conference, webinar) in close coordination with, for example, the Directors of steering or treasury and/or the Head of steering or treasury

we  help you ensure the successful financial management of your bank/institution during the crisis.

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Our approach

The following applies to regional banks to master the corona crisis with regard to (corporate) steering and treasury and requires: 

the maintenance of the operational business

This includes 

  • virtual leadership and ensuring basic business operations (including submission of regulatory reports, risk reporting, (own) capacity to act)
  • the establishment of decentralized ways of working, including sufficient system and data access
  • regular communication and information as a building block of the risk culture 
the estimation of the pandemic’s effects on P&L and relevant key figures

This includes 

  • to review the customer/proprietary business portfolio and the parameter/key figure set
  • to adjust business, capital and earnings planning 
  • to conduct event-driven stress tests (including liquidity)
the derivation and evaluation of appropriate measures

This includes

  • to derive and evaluate measures to ensure the economic stability (P&L, capital, risk, liquidity) of the total bank
  • to assess and seize opportunities in the current economic and regulatory environment
the guarantee that relevant bodies and stakeholders are adequately informed

Most important are

  • pragmatic ad-hoc reporting to bring about quick decisions
  • subsequent integration into “standard” formats and processes
  • regular information of the supervisory bodies (supervisory/administrative board)

The zeb consultants are a reliable partner for you even in the current storm—not only in terms of conceptual design, but also in terms of operational support based on our broad range of knowledge and experience. Feel free to contact us.