Setting up an internal social network


Our offer

In order to ensure informal communication, which is immensely important for business development and collaboration, and to preserve corporate culture, zeb offers a cost-effective and pragmatic solution for internal networking, which:

  • can be deployed remotely to the desktop and/or mobile phone,
  • enables secure communication in the style of Facebook,
  • can be used intuitively after only 2-3 days of familiarization and can be canceled at any time.

Our approach

In the current situation, information and communication only takes place asynchronously and via e-mail or telephone in many companies, among them also financial services providers. This can endanger social cohesion within the company and often even parts of the corporate culture. Many banks have not yet established an internal social network / intranet for broad (informal) communication including classic elements such as likes, comments, pictures, etc. Therefore, informal exchange and mood building currently often takes place via unsecured WhatsApp or Facebook groups. 

Currently and in the medium term, the internal development of such a platform is difficult or impossible to implement due to scarce IT resources and contact bans. At the same time, however, the need for a secure, in-house platform for social exchange is growing. 


Short-term at a few banks with communication bottlenecks
Medium-term at most banks as part of the “virtual home office”


Alignment with internal IT Ops., e.g. clarification of a limited number of security issues 

Relevance to

Top management and all employees