Design product-related Ecosystems

Optimization of the shopping experience

Integrated financial solutions and flexibility in business operations

When making a purchasing decision, price and quality are not the only considerations; a smooth shopping experience and excellent service are just as important. Integrated payment and financing options lower the barrier to purchase, especially for high-value products.

As a leading partner in the financial services sector, we specialize in sales financing and the implementation of integrated financial ecosystems for industrial and retail companies. Our services are designed to support you at every stage of your business operations and provide you with the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions.

Combining traditional financing approaches such as loans, hire purchase and leasing with flexible usage models including pay-per-use, we strive to meet your needs and address the challenges specific to your industry.

Unser Angebot: wie zeb Sie beim Aufbau eines Ökosystems unterstützen kann


Strategieentwicklung für den Aufbau von Ökosystemen.

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Fachliche Konzeption von Plattformen


Schnittstellen zu internen Systemen & Drittanbietern

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Technischer Aufbau von Plattformen