Your way to Pricing Excellence, 2nd edition

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Pricing Excellence: Step by step towards better prices and stronger customer loyalty

The challenges and opportunities in pricing for banks and savings banks have changed significantly in recent years and will continue to develop dynamically in the future. It is all the more true that correct and successful pricing decisions are the result of systematic analysis. But corresponding investments pay off very quickly, because price is considered the biggest lever for profitability.

Based on a wealth of experience from meanwhile more than 300 zeb customer projects, our authors show the technical basics and present well-founded solutions for better price determination and implementation in banks and savings banks.

This second edition has been expanded to include current pricing aspects such as sustainability, general terms and conditions processes, custody fees, data analytics, digital applications and value-added marketing.

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zeb's international pricing excellence team designs and optimizes for private and corporate clients: 

  • Current account models
  • Account finder
  • Securities and custody accounts
  • Credit prices (under MARZIPAN, agree21 etc.)
  • Loyalty programs and total customer pricing. 


This publication is only available in German. Are you interested in a presentation of our results and a further exchange of ideas? Feel free to contact us.


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