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Simplify finance

The new CFO paradigm

The latest zeb.CFO Study is the result of in-depth surveys and interviews with more than 60 CFOs and other finance executives of large European banks. The study examines how finance executives can best overcome the conflict of creating strategic value while dealing with high-cost pressures and limited budgets.

In essence, the study shows that a bold reduction of complexity should stand at the center of each of these areas of the finance remit. Our new “simplify finance” paradigm is the answer to the trade-off between creating value and managing costs. Real-life use cases show executives how they can use new technologies and organizational set-ups to simplify the finance area. What is certain is that shaping the CFO’s role within his or her bank will require a significant effort. But with the right tools and guidance this can be turned into a very rewarding undertaking.

Chapter 1 of the zeb.CFO Study shows survey results relating to improvement potential in the five areas of the finance remit. Chapter 2 shows five real-life applications of the simplify finance paradigm. Chapter 3 concludes the study with a roadmap for first steps towards simplifying finance and an outlook on CFO functions in post-corona times.

We hope you find this zeb.CFO Study 2020 an informative and enjoyable read!

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