Beratungsansatz zeb

Consulting approach

As “partners for change”, we have stood alongside our clients for 30 years.

Long before everybody started thinking about digital transformation, our consulting experience revealed that all changes within an organization need to be flanked by in-depth understanding of the business, a cultural change and a new understanding of the company in order to be successful.

Thus, the value of our consulting is even today based on the traditional consulting virtues: listening to our clients attentively, understanding them and offering solutions for their unique challenges. We develop business models with a sustainable impact for all kinds of financial intermediaries and use suitable methods and technologies.

Our zeb consulting approach is based on a holistic understanding of the entire value chain of financial services. We begin with the strategic goals that financial intermediaries need to achieve for their sustainable success: from activating their customers and promoting retention, to enabling and strengthening the people in their organization, through to developing successful products and sales—from optimizing their operating model, including IT, through to managing finance and risk and the legal requirements.

In doing so, we always look to our clients and the result. For us, technology is a means to an end—that is, developing the best solution—but never an end in itself. We know which technical solutions really help our clients with their specific challenges and can back this up with numerous use cases and references.

When it comes to making companies from the financial services sector competitive and sustainable, we marry our finance-specific academic background with our holistic sector knowledge and our many years of consulting experience in the field of financial services. This specific foundation makes zeb unique on the consulting market. We provide support for (digital) transformation in the form of:

  • Strategic consulting
  • Management consultancy, incl. implementation support
  • Technology consulting, including the development of systems and prototypes as well as their implementation
  • Consulting and support for changes
  • Offers of (further) training for executives and employees of our clients


We combine our knowledge, experience and expertise while focusing on the situation and targets and looking for the specific needs of our clients.

In times of change and as “partners for change”, the entire zeb team reliably supports its clients to remain agile and sustainably competitive.