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Our offer

Remote work from home and in virtual teams, in many cases introduced at very short notice, poses particular challenges. To ensure high performance and effective leadership at a distance, zeb offers a tried and tested range of courses. 
Experienced trainers conduct webinars of 2-3 hours each and offer transfer coaching—at very reasonable costs.

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Martin Fürst

Senior Manager

Our approach

We adapt ourselves completely to the situation of your company and offer online course modules that can easily be completed from home. Based on these modules you can both ensure the performance of your employees and at the same time lead from a distance.
Our offers are divided into four course areas:

  • Basics: technology, communication, work structure
  • Virtual teamwork: team roles, collaboration, feedback, conflicts and mental blocks
  • Leading at a distance: working environment, trust, team composition, performance management, conflict resolution
  • Customer orientation: network and relationship management, customer communication


Short-term at all banks with newly introduced / expanded home working policies
Continuation in consulting on “smart work” and workplace design


Technical and organizational conditions at the client’s must be stable enough to allow webinars to take place

Relevance to

Executives and all employees
Contact person for op. management (e.g. sales, internal departments)
Organization/coordination via HR