zeb.market.flash. Issue #42: Rebirth of the deposit business

zeb.market flash issue 42

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Issue 42 | November 11, 2022 | Rebirth of the deposit business

And here is what this issue is all about:

+5.5% QoQ TSR performance of global top 100 banks

  • After significant corrections in Q2, TSR of the MSCI World stagnated at +0.7% in Q3 2022 – real estate and technology were the lowest performing sectors.
  • Global top 100 banks outperformed the market and all other sectors – driven by U.S. (TSR +11.9% QoQ) and Western European banks (TSR +4.3% QoQ). 

-1.0% YoY expected real GDP growth in Q1 2023 in Germany 

  • The global economic environment further deteriorated in Q3 2022 and a recession in Western Europe and the U.S. in 2023 is highly likely.
  • Record-high inflation rates continue to drive medium- to long-term interest rates upward and force central banks to keep raising their rates.

Rebirth of the deposit business

  • With the end of the zero-interest rate regime, banks are now operating in a new and challenging environment – one of the positive effects from the banks’ perspective is the return of deposit products as a revitalised revenue stream.
  • How did the deposit business fare in the past, how will it develop and what is the current playing field across Europe? Is a “battle for deposits” looming?

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