Future: Savings bank

core "Zukunft: Sparkasse"

Developing a future-oriented business model in times of digitalization, persistent low interest rates and tightened regulatory requirements

The current market and regulatory changes in the financial sector require decisive action from savings banks. Our analyses indicate that the changed conditions have a significant impact both on the profit situation and on the capital resources of savings banks. For example, our forecasts for savings banks as a whole show that if the low interest rate phase continues and no measures are taken, there will be no profit generated in 2021. Against this background, each savings bank needs to determine how the viability and profitability of its business model can be ensured.

This issue’s topics:

Why corporate customer business is moving more and more into the spotlight during the ongoing low interest rate phase.

How zeb helps to develop standards to meet tightened regulatory requirements.

The core challenge for the savings banks is digitalization: what savings banks have to do now to make their business model fit for the future.

Cases & Faces—in this issue at Sparkassenverband Niedersachsen, Sparkasse Lippstadt and Erwitte-Anröchte.


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